Reflections of Tezcatlipoca: A Journey Through Obsidian Mirrors

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Title: Reflections of Tezcatlipoca: A Journey Through Obsidian

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Artist Statement:

In the depths of ancient Mexico, amid the enigmatic whispers of time, I embarked on a profound artistic voyage, culminating in the creation of the Obsidian Mirror Engraved with the Image of Tezcatlipoca. This piece serves as a bridge between the rich tapestry of Mesoamerican culture and the inexhaustible wellspring of human imagination.

Obsidian, born from the fiery core of the Earth, stands as an epitome of both timelessness and transformation. In its obsidian surface,  I found the perfect canvas to pay homage to Tezcatlipoca, the omnipotent deity revered by the Aztecs. Tezcatlipoca, the "Smoking Mirror," symbolizes the ever-shifting duality of existence – creation and destruction, light and shadow, life and death. The subconscious. The void. 

As I drew Tezcatlipoca's and envisioned how he would appear onto the obsidian, I sought to capture the essence of this enigmatic deity. His divine presence emerges from the depths of the mirror, his eyes both portals and mirrors to the human soul. With each stroke calling out to the energy of Tezcatlipoca, I attempted to convey the intricate interplay of cosmic forces and earthly existence that Tezcatlipoca embodies.

The mirror, a revered artifact in Mesoamerican culture, held a dual purpose. It was a tool for introspection and divination, reflecting the inner world of the beholder and revealing hidden truths. In crafting this piece, I wanted to evoke a sense of introspection, inviting viewers to gaze upon Tezcatlipoca's countenance and, in doing so, confront their own dualities, their own light and shadow.

The symbolism within this artwork extends beyond its visual elements. The obsidian, a reminder of the profound connections between humanity and the natural world, tells of our shared journey through time. The intricate engraving, a testament to the skill of ancient artisans, honors the craftsmanship that has woven the threads of culture and history.

"Reflections of Tezcatlipoca" is an invitation to engage with the mysticism of Mesoamerica, to delve into the depths of one's own soul, and to explore the eternal dance of light and shadow that defines our existence. Through this piece, I hope to create a space where past and present converge, where the ancient and the contemporary coexist, and where the enigmatic deity Tezcatlipoca continues to inspire us to contemplate the complexities of our world and ourselves.

The Obsidian Mirror Engraved with the Image of Tezcatlipoca not only pays homage to the rich heritage of Mesoamerican culture and the enigmatic deity it venerates but also invites us to embrace a profound paradox embedded within its very essence. In the tradition of the Aztecs, obsidian mirrors like this one were used not only for introspection but also for a more celestial purpose: to gaze upon the Sun.

It is in this celestial connection that the mirror's true power is unveiled. Much like the dualities represented by Tezcatlipoca, the obsidian mirror reminds us of a fundamental truth – that darkness can only be fully appreciated when illuminated by light, and light can only be perceived in the presence of darkness. When we look at the Sun through this mirror, we see not only the radiant source of life and energy but also the profound shadows that dance across its fiery surface.

This ancient practice serves as a timeless metaphor for our existence. Just as the obsidian mirror reveals the Sun's duality, so too does it reflect our own lives. It teaches us that our journey through existence is not defined by absolutes but by the ever-shifting interplay of opposing forces.

In this artwork, as in life, the image of Tezcatlipoca is both a symbol and a guide. It beckons us to explore the depths of our own souls, to confront our dualities, and to recognize that in the heart of our contradictions lies our true essence. Through the obsidian mirror, we are reminded that, like Tezcatlipoca himself, we are beings of both light and shadow, and our journey through life is an eternal dance of illumination and obscurity.

As you stand before this creation, may you take a moment to gaze upon the Sun through the obsidian mirror and contemplate the profound wisdom it imparts: that in the darkness, we find the light, and in the light, we discover the darkness. Just as Tezcatlipoca embodies the intricate balance of opposing forces, so too do we find our own balance within the ever-turning wheel of existence, and thus, our connection to the ancient wisdom of Mesoamerica endures.

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