Hija De Flores

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'Hija De flores' 
 translates into "Daughter of flowers"
The Intention:
See through my windows
This is from both the  7 Wheels series, and the Eye Am series, this is representation of the Anja Or 3rd Eye.
I like to think of chakras as windows, and depending on how accessible or clean our" windows" are determines how much we can perceive or experience from that vibrational "window'. If your window is dirty ,  broken or blocked you can't clearly see past it or may have limited views, limited perception the opposite can also be true. If your window is broken , or open  and you cant close it,  you may see too much and not be able to shut off or tune out certain vibrations. Both of these situations can be can also be problematic, which is why we need to find a 
B A L A N C E 
...just trying to find balance ...
The Duality
Hija De Flores
The Push

"The wound is where the light enters you" 
Is a quote I have to remind myself of often, sometimes during our most traumatic moments in life is when we are presented with the most opportunity to grow.
Sometimes during our darkest times , when we violently have to break out of our shell, and dig ourselves out of the dirt, upwards to the sun, than is where we go to  bloom.  Thats not to say its easy or fun,or that we will survive, sometimes we are not ready to bloom, but when the conditions to grow are forced upon you, you have no choice but. to. g.r.o.w.
The Pull
The first seed to blossom, sees everything, before the other seeds, Seeing what is unseen, Almost living in another time, another reality.
Always knowing nothing is what it seems. 
If you see what I see.




Here is a little poem thing I wrote about this piece.

Soy la hija de flores,
y estoy agradecida para todo mis dolores,
y coma las flores, estoy aprendiendo,
a crecer, a abrir mi, al sol, al amor, al todo lo peor.
Hoy doy gracias que ya no vivo con odio en mi corazón.
Pero mis ojos toda bien tienen tan dolor,
cada lágrima mi da agua, riego mi jardín.
Los dolores son más preciosos que el oro.
Porque ya puedo ver la verdad,
veo todo con mi tercero ojo.