Tochtli in La Luna, Rabbit in the moon, Conejo En La Luna

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This Tochtli is from the series of 4 paintings, each representing the 4 different years signs that are found in the tonalamatl. It was made during the last Tochtli year (3-12-2018 through 3-11-2019 ) 

During the year of Tochtli the days begin at sunrise or at approximately 6 am. 

There are a few stories about the moon, this particular legend of the rabbit in the moon, goes a little something like this.....Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent, who took the form of a human to walk the earth with his people. As a humble man he walked in the Cemanahuac desert in the heat of the day, walking until he grew tired, thirsty and hungry. With no food or water in sight, he kept walking, until it grew dark, and the sky filled with stars and a big blank bright silver moon. Once Quetzalcoatl's hunger and thirst grew too strong, he sat beside the path, suffering in a way he’d never known. Near to him he noticed a small rabbit eating alone in the dark.
“What are you eating,?” He asked.
“Grass, would you like some?” She replied.
“No” he said, despite his painful hunger.
The simple meal is enough for a rabbit, but hardly suitable for a human.
By the light of the moon, the concerned rabbit asked Quetzalcoatl what he would do,
“Die of hunger and thirst probably” he replied.
The rabbit got closer and gave Quetzalcoatl another offering,
“I know I am just a small rabbit, but if you are hungry you can eat me.”
Touched by the selflessness of the rabbit, he gently picked her up, and revealed his true form as the feathered serpent. Quetzalcoatl raised the rabbit up to the sky, taking as high up as the moon, where the image of this kind rabbit was imprinted onto the blank surface of the moon. As he did this, Quetzalcoatl told the rabbit he was no longer just a small rabbit, that his portrait painted in the light of the moon would forever tell the story of his kindness to all mankind.

It's worth noting that other cultures have stories about a rabbit and the moon, for example the Chinese have the story of the Jade Rabbit or Hare in the moon. Which is actually why i choose to paint this little tochtli the color he is.  In Mayan tradition the goddess of the moon Ix Chel is also often portrayed with a rabbit.
Sailor Moon, or  Usagi Tsukino's name is a pun that means Moon Rabbit, and her daughters name Chibiusa, means little rabbit. Soo kawwaiiii 

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Canvas Prints are also each a work of art, I paint the hair on the bunny, and add more stars in the background, it's like a holographic star effect!
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