This Tonalli Series was created to be used as a teaching tool as a introduction into Mexica Astrology, Or Aztec Astrology.  They were used at our 2019 Day of the dead Altar. We used these to explain the intricate astrology system that is with in the "Aztec Calendar"  The Xiuhpōhualli the year count and a 260-day cycle the Tōnalpōhualli the day count. 
Astrology has always and will always play an integral role in our lives, we are the cosmos after all .
I feel it is my duty as mujer de maize that was completely void of my culture and heritage for over 25 years of my life, to help indigenous people reclaim the identity & culture their roots that are constantly being appropriated,  assimilated, manipulated, stolen,even weaponized against us..... This information is our birth right, this is our cosmic Identity. 
This was a grand labor of love and I hope future generations will have more access to the knowledge that has been kept hidden from us for so long, after all this is the dawning of the 5th sun.
I would like to give a special thanks to a beautiful soul Mazatzin Aztekayolokalli
for blessing me with this information during the great solar eclipse in 2017.