11 Acatl, 12" x 8" Canvas Print, Limited Editon!

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To celebrate the beginning of the new year, 11 Acatl, we've designed a limited edition art piece showcasing the Acatl glyph and the "ao symbol," a solar emblem that represents the year. The piece features 11 circles symbolizing the count of the year, which is 11.  The new year, or cycle we have begun is 11 Acatl

The second image illustrates a example from the codices, displaying the ao symbol and the tekpatl glyph along with 6 circles, indicating it was the year 6 tekpatl.

We're excited to announce the first collaboration between Xochil Art and Quetzal Visions. Each canvas measures 12"x8", and only 11 are available, so don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity!

***items will not have a watermark