4 Direction Oracle card reading.

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The 4 Direction Oracle card reading utilizes a medicine wheel for divination and spiritual guidance, allowing you to access deeper insights and understanding into yourself, your life, and the universal energies that connect us all. The card reading brings clarity and insight, unlocking potential pathways to growth and healing.

This is for a 4 card Oracle reading,

This is different from traditional card readings because we use the Native / Indigenous magic of the 4 directional MEDICINE wheel .

Each direction carries a different energy and we will utilize that energy for your card reading!

I will send you a email and have you answer a couple of questions, I will then intuitively select a deck for your reading, When working with the four directions i generally use a Mexica , Mayan or other Mesoamerican inspired decks. 

You will then receive a video of your card reading!

If you have any questions dont be shy! 

Contact me!