Amethyst Alien Bae Watercolor Sticker

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This listing is for a sticker of  ' Amethyst Alien Bae' watercolor Piece

Images may contain watermarks your prints will NOT have watermarks on them.

This little cutie belongs to the 'Crystal Babes' Watercolor series I created to highlight the divine feminine in EVERY aspect 

Amethyst Alien Bae was inspired by thinking about where we come from in the cosmos, what do our higher selfs look like what kinds of bodies or non bodies have we inhabited? its  my way of taking 'scary' looking aliens and giving them like a Lisa Frankenstein make over lol
You may notice that many of my watercolor pieces will not have eyes, that is because alot of the pieces are depicting pain or trauma, and during times of great trauma or pain we dissociate form ourselves, our soul , which is why I have chosen not to draw the eyes because the connection, the windows to the soul are out of order in this moment. Dont forget pressure makes diamonds