Galactic Butterfly Serape Duality

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This listing is for a print of  Ometeotl,  or  Duality 
Ometeotl represents both of the primal forces, the black and white, the good and bad, dark and the light, the negative and the positive. 
In our limited 3D human perspective we can not perceive reality for what it really is, and it is difficult for us to understand these things are not separate from each other good and bad or light and dark are one in the same, one cannot exist without the other, this is the BALANCE of Ometeotl
This Ometeotl has serape to represent the "string" that connects us all
Ome: Two, Balance, Duality, Reflection
Teotl: Creative Energy, Creation “Spirit”, Divine Creative Movement
Ometeotl: Dual Generating Essence, Creator Mother & Father, “May what is Dual Unite to Create”
Galactic Butterfly Serape Duality
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