Heart Space

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This listing is for a print of My  'Heart Chakra'  Piece

This was my first chakra and sacred geometry inspired painting which makes it even more near and dear to my heart, read the story behind the meaning of this baby below!!

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This is a painting I made after a reiki session, with a woman that I absolutely  adore.

During this intense life changing session, we addressed feelings of the heart.

For most of my life, I felt like my heart space was empty, a big empty vast space of nothingness, like a dry deserted desert. Most of these feelings came from feeling unloved and unwanted as a child. 

During this session she said one sentence,  8-words that completely and utterly changed my life , completely changed my perception, gave me new set of eyes to see through. A reality shattering, epic moment. A divine moment of clarity.

I hope my words find anyone who needs to hear them.

Its never easy to deal with feelings of being unwanted or unloved, especially when that feeling is coming from people who are supposed to love you unconditionally. This painting is a reminder to myself and I hope to you, that love is available to us always, love is abundant and infinite and we can receive it anytime, anywhere when we are OPEN to it. 

Sometimes we close our selves off,  or block ourselves from receiving what we want the most, we want love but we have been hurt so we guard our hearts we build walls around them, so nothing and no one can get in, its a catch 22, because this is how we block ourselves from getting the love we want, we waste so much time wanting love and affection from a specific person/s, we spend lifetimes waiting for someone to fill your empty cup with love.  I am here to remind you that you need to love yourself, even if you are not getting the love you feel you deserve from others. You need to fill your own damn cup up, Love yourself enough for all that you feel is lacking in your life. Obviously that is much easier said than done.  But we must remember this.Perspectives are tricky, We never know what that other person has been through, their pains their traumas, maybe their cup is empty too, they have been waiting for someone to come fill their cup too, you cant  pour anything out of an empty cup thou can you? 

You need to give the love you are searching for. 

Tear down the walls you have built around your heart and allow love to flow in and out.