Kawaii Nahui Ollin

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I am delighted to present to you " Kawaii Nahui Ollin"

Original art piece is available, 2.25" buttons and only 11"x17" prints, only 17 prints of this will be made. 

This canvas is handmade  and created with all repurposed items. This canvas ia approximately 13" this painting is very bright and metallic which was difficult to capture with a camera

Ollin, or movement. represents the energy of the ever-expanding cosmos after the big bang.  Ollin is the force that keeps the planets in motion, Ollin is the energy that shifts earth's tectonic plates. Ollin is what moves our hearts, what makes us dance. Ollin is the energy behind movements. Ollin is the MOVE in MOVEments.

Gabriel S. Estrada states that "as cosmic movement, ollin is all movements at once that are both orderly and chaotic. Paradoxically, it defies human understanding even as it motivates all human movement."


When I was about 7/8 my tia Yuko  brought me a Hello kitty stationery set from Japan, that is when I was introduced to sanrio and my love for kawaii things began. 


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Kawaii is Japanese slang for cute 

The word “kawaii” is derived from a phrase that means ” a radiant face” which refers to the blushing of an embarrassed person. Over time, the meaning mutated to the modern “cute” while the way it's written in the Japanese alphabet literally means “able to be loved”