Mayahuel in the cosmos

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 Mayahuel in the cosmos
This painting is based on the image of Mayahuel in the Laud Codex(pictured below)
Mayahuel is one of my favoirite energeies as she represents fertility, femeninity, and sacrafice, as the agave plants are sacraficed to make our drinks such as Pulque, and in modern day society tequila and mezcal.
It is unclear exactly whether the Otomi, Huastec or Olmec, ancient Mesoamerican empires, birthed the story of Mayahuel. The first story is about the origin of pulque and involves two characters: one is Mayahuel as a woman, the first who made aguamiel from the sap of the agave. In order to have done this she would have needed to know  the plant as well as the process of removing the quiote and scraping the inside to get the sap out. She is seen as Patécatl’s wife, the creator of octli which is the medicine of pulque. Their divine knowledge of getting the aguamiel and fermenting it, led to them being granted deity standing. Their sons are known as Centzontotochtin or the 400 rabbits (Tepoztecatl, Cuatlapanqui, Tliloa and Papaztac among others) who are also recognized as minor deities that represent the different states of drunkenness. 
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Mayahuel in the cosmos
 Mayahuel in the Laud Codex