Mixcoatl -lil cloudy

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This piece is from a 3 part series that deals with energies in the skies.
Mixcoatl means cloud serpent. This little guy is literally just coming out of the sky from another dimension
 This was a piece that kind of created it self, during 2019 I went out to a show in LA, I was painting, displaying art.  I made the trip out there because I really wanted to see Palomx perform,  I had been listening to their music for a few months prior and was really digging it. At the time, I had not heard anything like it and was like "yasssss" i listened to their Mixcoatl mixtape like 300 times 😆  it was just very new and amazing I was vibing hard as fuck!  long story short while i was there listening to the other performers and staring at my canvas wondering what to paint, then i saw him, lil mixcoatl that i could see in the background of the painting, so i started to draw him and he manifest himself on to that canvas, i was painting this guy while Palomx was performing, and in ode to Palomx, i named him little Cloudy, anytime i worked on this piece i exclusively only listened to Palomx, so Id like to think of Palomx as a co-creator of this piece, Palomx vibes are imbued into this piece 
Proceeds from all Mixcoatl purchases will be shared w Palomx! 

Their youtube page is below i hope you will take some time to listen! 
you wont regret it, its some INDIGENOUS EXCELLENCE  
if you want to support them furthrer, feel free to drop them some plata, https://venmo.com/u/palomx