Rose Quartz Vibes

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This piece is a piece so near and dear to my heart, I hope you will feel all the love in this piece. 

Like myself it has gone threw many transitions and transformations. 

This originally started as a white background with 3 pink roses, with stems, thorns, leafs along the top of the rose quartz crystals, as if they were growing around the crystals. Then I painted it black and left just one floating rose in the middle, I still was not happy with that so I then added the flower of life around it...and i still wasn't happy with how it looked, the rose was beautiful but I didn't like how it was floating around. So I painted the whole background black again, then redid the flower of life...again and i painted a 3 dimensional merkaba in metallic pink, over the rose. The rose quartz have a iridescent pink over the rose quartz to give it a more realistic glimmer, Moral of the story is you can keep remaking yourself over and over until you are happy with what you have. 

Sending you some rose quartz love vibes  🥰


Please note the original canvas had some additional "art" my cat put some of her own artistic flair in the form of claw holes 😂 they are not very visible but if you look closely they are there.