Seed of Life , Semilla de Vida

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This piece is sooooo special to my heart and soul.

This isn't just an art piece, this is a prayer, this is prophecy, this is alchemy. 

This piece is called  "Seed of life" after our sacred Maiz! 🌽

This original piece is 12 x 24 inches, and is 2 paintings in 1, one is a hidden blacklight painting. 

 This piece is serves as activation, a recalling a remembrance , data and downloads. 

The time we are in, the dawning of the fifth sun,

(in greek astrology this time is called the age of aquarius)

During this time of the 5th sun our ancestors prophesied about the time when our ancient knowledge would be returned to us.  The time of the sleeping giant waking up.

This is the cycle that began in 2012.

You will see in the corn kernels there is writing that is meant to mimic circuit boards and light language, that is the program that is the download that is the information..


From the cosmos through photosynthesis


This art piece has been made into a few different mediums, from prints to prayer candles!