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A Tonalli Reading is a comprehensive reading system based on the Mesoamerican astrological tradition of Tonalli. Through a detailed analysis of the individual at birth, Tonalli Reading provides a unique perspective on any person's character and life potential. By harnessing the power of your Tonalli, you can gain insight into your life paths and potential destiny. Using this insightful practice, you will uncover powerful personal growth and achieve greater connection with your true self. Are you ready to take your journey of self-discovery with a Tonalli Reading?


What is a tonalli?

Tonalli means Day in Nahuatl.

It is the correlation of your birth day and time , with the specific energies that were present at the time of your moment of birth, when you took your first breath, the energies you took in with your first crying gasp of air. This is far more than just a “horoscope” this is your potential, gifts and qualities you have access to, it is your cosmic identity. 

Your tonalli info will be sent as a PDF via email. these are generally sent out in 2-7 days


Im happy to offer a free tonali reading if you purchase your day and year tonali symbols, all you pay for is the canvases and shipping! Each canvas is 12"x 8" canvas you will see an example of someone born on the year Reed, and day Malinalli. 

These are a great gift for anyone who is interested in reconnecting with their indigenous roots, or anyone interested in learning about this amazing ancient cosmology system 

Please add the following info at checkout

-Birthday: Month, Day, Year


-Birth time

Please note if you do not provide me your birthday info, I can not do your reading!


Its is worth noting there are 3 popular interpretations, please select the on you would like, or if you are unsure you can also schedule a 1 on 1 consultation to learn what the difference is between them.

Ruben Ochoa Count

Arturo Meza Count

Caso-Nicholson Count